Exotic states of bosons with the synthetic spin–orbit coupling(理电学院学术报告)
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报告人:周祥发  博士、副教授
时间:2013年10月11日 上午9:00-10:00
地点: 理电学院学术报告厅1206
报告题目:Exotic states of bosons with the synthetic spin–orbit coupling
 要:The spin–orbit coupling with bosons gives rise to novel properties that are absent in usual bosonic systems. In this paper, we consider this class of unconventional Bose–Einstein condensations for both the 2D Rashba and 3Dσ ·p-type Weyl spin–orbit couplings. The single-particle levels show  Landau-level-like quantization in the harmonic trap. Interacting condensates develop the half-quantum vortex structure spontaneously which breaks the time-reversal symmetry and exhibits topological spin textures of the skyrmion type. Rotating spin–orbit-coupled condensates exhibit rich vortex structures due to the interplay between vorticity and spin texture. In particular, the 3D Weyl coupling generates topological defects in the quaternionic phase space as an SU(2) generalization of the usual U(1) vortices.
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周祥发,男,安徽枞阳人。1998年考入中国科技大学,2002年获物理学学士学位,2007年获光学博士学位。2007.6-2009.12在中国科技大学从事博士后研究,2011.01至2012.01在加州大学圣迭戈分校进行学术访问。2009.12起任光学与光学工程系特任副教授。研究兴趣包括:量子信息论中的基本理论问题,量子计算在具体物理系统的实现,超冷量子气体中量子模拟等问题,已在Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. A, Scientific Reports等国际著名期刊上发表论文二十余篇,并成为该杂志审稿人。